Intense10 Minute Jump Rope Workout

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Today, we’ve got a 10 minute skipping rope workout for you. But don’t think for a moment that we’re letting you off easy by just skipping rope for 10 minutes. This is gonna be intense!

One reason we love jump rope so much (besides the fact that it’s fun AND burns fat) is that you can incorporate it into any fitness regiment.

If you lift weights, do CrossFit®, bike to work, hike the trails, or shadow box, jump rope will easily and effectively supplement your routine.

Workout Routine


  • 2 Minutes – Jump Rope Freestyle

  • 1 Minute – 20 Pushups

  • 2 Minutes – Jump Rope Freestyle

  • 1 Minute – 20 Pushups

  • 2 Minutes – Jump Rope Freestyle

  • 1 Minute – 20 Pushups


  • 1 Minute Rest Between Sets

  • Repeat 2x (Complete 3x Total Sets)

Workout Notes

All you need for this routine is your body and the best jump rope money can buy (at least we think so).

This workout focuses on building up your endurance while jumping rope, and helping you work your chest muscles with some pushups.

The reason why we don’t prescribe too much detail in routines like this is that we want you to focus on having fun.

You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that we tend to do the stuff we enjoy doing.

If you can have fun getting fit, you’re going to keep doing the thing.

During the 2-minute jump rope freestyle circuits, you can try new tricks and practice some of your own footwork.

For the pushups, you’ve got a full minute to crank out all 20 reps. If you finish early, you get a little rest before the next 2 minutes of jump rope freestyle.

Remember: Pace yourself and have fun.

If you need some tips for proper pushup form, check this out:




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