Burn Fat and Lose Weight With This Jump Rope Workout Routine

Why do so many exercise programs make it complicated to get fit? You can burn fat and lose weight with just a jump rope and a little intensity in as little as 30 minutes a day 3 times a week.

We believe jump rope is the best workout because it’s simple, fun, and effective.

You can take it anywhere, do it anywhere, for any length of time and get crazy results if you commit to staying consistent.

Pick Up Your Shield and Try This Chris Evans Workout

Captain America is one of the most iconic Marvel characters and Chris Evans carries the starry shield in style. There’s a real six-pack beneath his chiseled costume.

To prepare for the “boy scout” Avenger role, Chris followed a strict training routine similar to the one below. Let’s see if we can keep up.

Emerald Archer Workout: Get Ripped Like Stephen Amell

When you see a superhero on screen, it’s easy to think their costume is the only thing that’s jacked (we see you, Shazam). But when the gloves, cape, and spandex come off, the camera can’t lie.

Stephen Amell plays the role of the emerald archer in Arrow on the CW. And when his green hood and mask come off, he’s the real deal.

This Wicked Wolverine Workout Will Shred Your Body Fat

When it comes to indestructible savagery and macho facial hair, no character quite does it like Wolverine.

With the mutant power of regeneration, animal-quick reflexes, and huge retractable claws, Wolverine also has an adamantium-plated skeleton which makes him an all-around badass.

The Superhero Workout You Need to Defeat Your Fat

Every kid dreams of becoming some kind of superhero. Some of us wish to fly and lift trains while others pretend to be invisible and have x-ray vision.

Regardless of what kind of hero you wanted to be as a kid, you can still be your own superhero if you put in the work to defeat the ultimate foe: yourself.

Uncover the Batman Workout: Challenge Your Inner Superhero

Few superheroes are more iconic than Batman. While often pitted against Superman in terms of who could beat up who, all Batman needs to win that standoff is a handful of Kryptonite. Just saying.

But we’re not here to argue about facing off aliens against humans in a superhero death match. You want to know what it takes to get your body ready to don the black cape of Gotham’s crusader.

Let’s uncover the Batman workout and challenge your inner superhero.